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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Let's talk bull.

The Pearl Street bull at the Kiwanis Pavilion, downtown Ellensburg.  The sculpture created a controversy until the hat was added. A favorite place for visitors to be photographed, sitting beside Mr. Bull. 


  1. Welcome to CDPB!

    I'm so glad that I'll be able to see Ellensburg! I always drive right past it twice a year when I'm in WA. and OR. and never have the time to stop.

    Looking forward to seeing more of it! Mr Bull is great, I just love his casual pose!

  2. cieldequimper, you should stop and visit. Bring your camera. The people in this town are friendly and polite---and that's no bull!

  3. Funny. Tell the bull to avoid Spain.

  4. I know. But I won't have time again in 2 weeks on my way from Seattle to Yakima and on to Eastern WA.

    Lol @ Rob and Mandy!

  5. an original photo, I like! it would be worthwhile to be photographed next to a mr Bull with or without a hat! bye !!