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Sunday, January 2, 2011

My best photo of 2010 is this one...

Yesterday many of the City Daily Photo members posted what they thought to be their best photo of the past year. Being only ONE day behind at present I have chosen this one from the Rodeo Parade. It has a child, an animal, and a person in costume. And the wind fortunately fluffed the horse's mane the very second I snapped the shot. 


  1. Excellent shot. The horse's mane looks cool flowing in the wind. MB

  2. Great photo, the horse looks like she intentionally lowered her head to show off her mane for the photo. Very impressive!

  3. It's easy to see why you selected this fine photo for your best of 2010.

    I must have missed what happened to your shoulder, Kate, but I am thrilled to hear about your progress. How is it all impacting your getting to know your iMac?

    Please stop by on Thursday, after midnight on Wednesday even, at Portland Oregon Daily Photo to see my first ever embedded video. It shows my younger son Leland bouldering at The Circuit in Portland, Oregon, as filmed by his older brother Lamont, who also boulders.